Green and Red House Paints

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Green is all about nature and well-being, which is why it is considered the color of hope,
fertility and new beginnings. With a calming effect on the body and mind, green is the ideal
shade for environments that require a calm and focused atmosphere. In this home office, the
Vegetable Plantation color was chosen.
A wall with shelves of plants and decorative furniture, and to the left, a table with a computer
and a yellow chair below. To the right, a picture hung on the wall playing a game with a turtle
and a skull and, below, a sofa with a blanket and pillow. At the bottom, the wall is vertically
divided in half, on the left side the color is White and on the right side, we have the Vegetable
Plantation color, with the color icon between the frame and the sofa.
A warm color, capable of creating a stimulating atmosphere and that can bring a lot of style to
the decor. The shades of red refer to sensuality and intense feelings. For the more daring, it
can be used without moderation, but for those who prefer to apply the tone in a more
measured way, the tip is to highlight something in the environment, as was done in this dining
room. Here, the Henna color was applied to the ceiling.

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